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Zero Kids Waiting
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Monica Wright of The Minnesota Lynx speaks about the need for families for nearly 500 children in Minnesota.

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Hear Dalvin, 16, speak about his adoption as a teen by his mom, Toni, on WCCO Radio interview.

BobbyCinco de Mayo, the annual celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, offers the reminder that 8.3 percent of Minnesota children awaiting adoption have Latino/Hispanic origins. To view some of these children: www.mnadopt.org.

BobbyBobby almost gave up hope for a family until
at 14, he was adopted.
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Counting to Zero
Zero Kids Waiting is a program solely funded by Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN), a 30-year old organization who’s mission is to ensure the right of every child to a permanent, nurturing family; to advocate on behalf of adoptive, kinship, and foster families; and to maximize the opportunities for successful adoptions. MARN is not a placing agency, rather we STAND for the waiting children of Minnesota. No child is unadoptable. No teen is too old. And no sibling group is too large.

To many people zero means nothing – to us zero means everything. There are 430 kids waiting in Minnesota foster care system. Our goal is to make that number zero, because every child deserves a family. If you can’t open your home to one of Minnesota’s waiting kids, volunteer your time and talents.

Minnesota Waiting Children:

  • Are of all ages and races
  • Typically older than six and many are teenagers
  • Have siblings and need to be placed with their sibling group
  • Await permanent, stable and loving families

How long must a child wait?

  • National average is 14.5 months
  • Minnesota average is 16.5 months
  • Only 40% of children find adoptive homes
  • Older children, teens and sibling groups are less likely to be adopted

Twice a year the Charities Review Council publishes The Smart Giver newsletter which includes a Giving Guide recognizing the “Most Trustworthy Nonprofits.” MARN has now achieved that recognition after meeting the Charities Review Council’s Accountability Standards of sound principles and practices. Constituents and donors can be assured that MARN is committed to accountability and transparency.

Commissioner Lucinda Jesson calls attention to
the need for families for African American children
in Minnesota.
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